Door Mirrors

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Up to and including model year 2004, the TF 115 came with only manually adjustable heated door mirrors as standard. To fit the powered door mirrors involves replacing the existing mirrors for the powered variety and installing the mirror control switch into the appropriate blank switch position in the dash.

Tools required for the job are:-

  • A medium size cross head screwdriver.

  • A small flat baded screwdriver

  • A large flat bladed screwdriver

  • A drawstring (appox 2ft in length)

Parts required for the job are:-

  • Nearside Powered Door Mirror

  • Offside Powered Door Mirror

  • Mirror Control Switch (Joystick)

Installation of Mirror Control Switch

It is recommended that the mirror control switch (joystick) is installed first as it enables the mirrors to be tested prior to their final installation.

1. Using the large flat bladed screwdriver undo (quarter turn anti-clockwise) the two locating clips on the driver's side lower fascia panel (below the steering wheel) and remove the panel.

2. From behind push out the small plastic blanking panel from the mirror switch position (far left position to left of steering wheel).

3. Locate the mirror control wiring and connector inside the dash immediately behind the switch position and feed the connector through the open switch position.

4. Connect the mirror control switch to the cable connector and push the switch into the location hole until it 'clicks' into position.

5. Replace the driver's side lower fascia panel.

The switch is now fully installed.

Removal of Existing Manually Operated Door Mirrors

Both offside (driver's side) and nearside (passenger's side) door mirrors are removed as follows:-

1. On the inside of the door cheater panel pull back the rubber gaiter on the manual mirror adjustment handle to reveal its attachment point to the mirror internal mechanism.

2. Prise the 'fork' end of the adjustment handle apart using the small flat blade screwdriver, or similar, and, by pulling the adjustment handle, separate it from the mirror mechanism. Remove the adjustment handle.

3. Remove the internal door trim (door card) and carefully peel back the internal protective membrane (polythene sheet) to allow access to the mirror wiring which runs down into the door from within the cheater panel (although the mirrors are adjusted manually they do have internal heating elements which is why they are connected to the wiring loom in the car).

4. Locate the mirror connector inside the door below the cheater panel, unclip it from its location and separate the connector halves.

Before proceeding further, it is recommended that the replacement powered mirror is checked for correct operation as follows:-

5. Loosely place the replacement powered mirror housing into the footwell, with the mirror facing upwards such that it can be seen, and connect its cable to the car wiring loom via the connector just separated. Switch on the car ignition, select the appropriate 'side' on the mirror control switch and check that the joystick control does operate the mirror correctly. If all is OK, switch off the car ignition, disconnect the mirror and remove it from the footwell.

Removal of the existing manually operated mirror continues as follows:-

6. Tie one end of the drawstring to the existing mirror cable to help when pulling the replacement mirror cable back through during installation.

7. With the small flat bladed screwdriver, carefully prise out the two small, black, circular rubber covers on the inside face of the cheater panel to reveal the heads of the mirror fixing screws.

8. Whilst supporting the mirror housing, unscrew the two fixing screws using the medium size cross head screwdriver and remove the screws.

9. Carefully withdraw the mirror from the outside face of the cheater panel, extracting the cable assembly and ensuring that the drawstring is pulled through such that some of it remains on the inside of the door. Untie the drawstring from the mirror cable.

Installation of Powered Door Mirrors

Both offside (driver's side) and nearside (passenger's side) door mirrors are installed as follows:-

1. Tie the external end of the drawstring to the end of the powered door mirror assembly cable.

2. By simultaneously pulling the mirror cable through into the door using the drawstring and offering the mirror assembly up to the door, locate the mirror assembly onto the outside face of the cheater panel.

3. Fix the mirror assembly in position using the two cross head fixing screws and tighten. Replace the two rubber covers on the inside face of the cheater panel to cover the screw heads.

4. Remove the drawstring from the mirror cable..

5. Connect the mirror cable to the car wiring loom by mating the connector halves and re-clip the connector back in position on the inner door skin.

6. Carefully replace the door protective membrane, then re-seal and refit the door card.

7. Switch on the ignition and check full operation of the mirror. Adjust mirror to correct position.


With both mirrors and the control switch fitted and tested the job is done. All that remains is to stare at the 'holes' left on the inside of the cheater panels in each door and think "what am I going to do with those?" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . or you could make up some Cheater Panel Covers like these?