Rear Speakers

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The TF 115 comes with only front speakers fitted as standard. There are rear speaker grills in the trim panel behind each seat but there are no speakers fitted behind them. However, the wiring is in place for the rear speakers and runs from the head unit to a position under the centre of the cross brace (T-bar) and covered by the trim panel behind the seats where it is terminated in a four way connector. To fit the rear speakers involves replacing the existing cross brace with one that has the speakers and speaker boxes attached.

Tools required for the job are:-

  • A medium size cross head screwdriver.

  • 10mm socket or spanner

  • Allen key (if the windstop is fitted)

Parts required for the job are:-

  • Rear Speaker Assembly Cross Brace XQM000790

  • Spare trim clips (as a precaution)

Cross Brace Removal

1. Fully lower the hood.

2. Slide both seats fully forward on their runners and rotate both seat backs as far forward as they will go.

3. Using the cross head screwdriver, remove the three hood cover studs along the top of the trim behind the seats by undoing the screws in the centre of each one. Note that the stud in the centre is smaller than the ones either side.

4. Remove the windstop (if fitted) from its mountings by fully undoing and removing the wing bolts. The wind stop can then be lifted out of the mountings.

5. Remove the windstop mountings (if fitted) by undoing the allen bolt in the centre of each one.

6. The plastic trim panel covering the cross brace is located by six plastic push-in clips, two in the centre above the centre 'cubby' box and two at each end of the panel behind the seats, the ends of the panel sitting behind the rubber door seal on each side. At one side, pull the door seal forward to expose the end of the trim panel. Grip the end of the panel and pull it towards the front of the car until the two clips 'pop' out of their locations. Repeat this procedure on the other side of the car. By gripping the underneath of the trim panel towards its centre it can be pulled towards the front of the car to disengage the final two clips.

Note : These clips are in three parts. One part is firmly attached to the trim panel, one part is firmly attached to the car frame/centre console and the third part is 'sandwiched' between the other two clipping over the part on the trim and being a push fit into the part attached to the car frame/centre console. Collect up the six centre parts of each clip.

7. Slide the trim panel forwards, towards the back of the seats along the seat belts straps, exposing the cross brace.

8. The cross brace is held in place by means of a 10mm bolt at each end. Unscrew these bolts and remove the cross brace from the car.

9. Mounted into the top of the cross brace are three white plastic grommets that the hood cover studs screw into. Carefully prise these out.

10. With the cross brace removed three cable looms will be exposed, two in the centre of the car for the rear speakers and the volumetric alarm and one on the near (passenger) side of the car for the hard top heated rear window.

Speaker Assembly Cross Brace Installation

Basically this is a straight reversal of removal as follows:-

1. Insert the three white plastic grommets for the hood cover studs into the replacement speaker assembly cross brace.

2. Loosely locate the cross brace into the car ensuring that the three cable looms are not trapped.

3. Plug the speaker cable into the connector on the cross brace. Switch on the head unit and check that sound is coming from the rear speakers using the volume, balance and fade controls of the head unit.

4. Bolt the cross brace into the car using the two 10mm bolts.

5. Locate each of the six centre parts of each clip over the corresponding part on the cross brace trim panel. These clips are easily damaged so some, or all, may need to be replaced.

6. Slide the trim panel back along the seat belt straps and locate it back over the cross brace, carefully lining up the plastic clips. When all six are lined up push them firmly home, first one side, then the other and finally the centre to relocate the trim panel. Ensure the ends of the trim panel are correctly located behind the door seals at each side.

7. Screw the three hood cover studs back onto the trim into the grommets in the cross brace ensuring the smaller of the three is in the centre position.

8. If fitted, bolt the two windstop mountings back into the cross brace with the allen bolts ensuring the hole for the wing bolt is facing in towards the centre of the car and the open end of the slot in the mounting is to the rear of the car.

9. If fitted, relocate the windstop into its mountings and secure using the two wing bolts.

10. Return the seats to their normal positions.

11. Raise the hood.


Sit back and enjoy!