225 Coupé

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Faults & Problems Encountered

Driver's door window would not drop the few mm on opening. This would only occur when the ignition was off. This problem was only cured on the fifth visit back to the dealer where a broken wire within the loom in the door was rectified. This also cured problems with the DIS, interior courtesy lamp and lights-on audible warning.

The car had five instrument clusters (dash pods) to cure variously a sticking temperature gauge; a sticking fuel gauge; rectification of the mileage readout caused by incorrectly setting it when one of the replacement instrument clusters was fitted; and getting the dial needles to illuminate properly.

The clips holding the side repeater indicator lamps into the front wings had a nasty habit of breaking, resulting in the lamps falling out and dangling on the wiring. The off-side lamp was replaced twice and the near-side lamp was replaced four times.

The driver's door catch developed a rather loud and repetitive 'clunking' when the car was driven over anything but the smoothest of road surfaces. The catch mountings were replaced to rectify this problem.

The infamous Audi coil pack problem eventually caught up with the car and all four coil packs were replaced.

The front anti-roll bar began to squeak over speed bumps. This developed further with it then squeaking on uneven roads and so the anti-roll bar and its bushes were replaced.