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PDA SatNav System

No OEM SatNav system fitted to the TT so a PDA installation was fitted to enable an aftermarket TomTom system running on a 'Pocket PC' to be used.

A general purpose RA45 GPS re-radiating antenna system was fitted, the receiver antenna located under the driver side grill on the top of the dash in the position used for the OEM GPS receiver. The re-transmission antenna is located behind the driver side dash lower fascia panel. The antenna system is powered by an ignition switched 12V supply taken from the 'bus bar' behind the driver side dash lower fascia panel.

A Carcomm powered generic XDAII compatible cradle is bolted to a V1 GadgeTT bracket which fits behind the two air vent units in the dash centre. A Carcomm mini GPS receiver is wired directly to the cradle, the receiver antenna located close to the RA 45 re-radiating transmission aerial behind the driver side dash lower fascia panel. A second ingnition switched power feed is connected to the cradle.

The TomTom 5 satellite navigation software runs on an Orange SPV M2000 'Pocket PC' PDA which sits in the cradle. This system also runs a speed camera warning system. The SPV M2000 is also a mobile phone and operates with the phone hands free system via a bluetooth connection.