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Hands Free Phone Kit

No OEM phone system fitted so an aftermarket bluetooth compatible Nokia hands free mobile phone kit was installed.

The installation is a Nokia CK-7W kit, the main unit of which is fitted up behind the lower parcel shelf in the passenger side footwell. A break-in cable is connected between the car cable loom and the head unit which allows power to be provided to the Nokia unit, mutes the head unit during calls and plays the phone audio through the front speakers. The operating button for the Nokia system is mounted on the dash, below the instrument cluster to the left of the steering column.

Although bluetooth compatible, a Nokia phone cradle, attached to a Brodit mount, is fitted to the passenger side knee bolster. This enables a phone to be connected directly to the Nokia unit for non bluetooth operation and allows the phone battery to be recharged. It also allows the phone keypad to be operated and the phone screen to be viewed.

To maximise the signal to the cradle mounted phone, a tax disc GSM antenna is fitted. This connects to an antenna coupler mounted on the phone cradle. The microphone for the system is fitted to the right of the internal roof mounted courtesy light unit.