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Despite being well equipped the Range Rover did not have a multimedia system installed so an 'aftermarket' system was fitted. This system incorporates two screens in the front seat headrests and provides a CD/MP3/DVD player and a PlayStation 2

The Screens : Two Centurion CEN65HR 6.5" wide screen TFT-LCD monitors installed into the headrests of the front seats. These have three AV inputs, two of which are used on this installation - one for the DVD and one for the PlayStation. The headrest struts are too thin to take the wires inside them so the cables are fed via an expandable flexible collar into the seat below and then routed to the appropriate video interface unit. Each monitor can independently select its input allowing both to have the same input or one to be connected to the DVD and the other connected to the PlayStation. As the PlayStation also plays DVDs and Audio CDs then this permits the maximum flexibility.

The DVD Unit : A CKO DVC005 Six Disc DVD changer capable of playing DVDs, audio CDs and MP3s. This unit is a simple installation in the boot underneath the existing satnav system to ensure maximum boot floor space remains available. In the trim above reside all the various interface and RF modulator units and an inverter for the PlayStation. The DVD audio is transmitted via a high fidelity RF modulator to the headphones and can also be picked up by tuning radio into the approriate frequency (pre-set on one of the FM channel) such that it can be played through the existing HK system and all 12 speakers if required.

The PlayStation 2 : A new silver unit which is positioned on the rear footwell in the centre and held in place on the overmat/carpet by the use of velcro strips attached to the base of the PS2 console. This position allows all the controls on the PS2 to be accessible by the players and also allows discs to be changed whilst on the move. On the front of the console are two MadCatz 2.4GHz wireless RF transceiver units for the controllers - look mum, no wires. The console can be removed when the centre seat is required and the PlayStation stored in the boot; just the power and AV flying leads remain which can then be tucked away under the carpet.

The Headphones : Philips HC8350 Wireless FM Sereo units. These have their own on/off, volume and tuning controls. This allows each set of headphones to be independently tuned to the either the DVD or PlayStation output for complete flexibility.

The PlayStation Controllers : Two MadCatz 2.4 GHz wireless controllers. These allow full functionality of the PlayStation including 'vibration' and analogue or digital modes. These units have automatic channel recognition such that the two controllers can be operated together for team or competitive games.

DVD Remote Control : The DVD unit in the boot is operated via a hand held infra-red remote control operating via an IR sensor located at the top of the driver's side 'B' pillar. This enables selection of DVD / CD / MP3 together with all the normal remote functions for scene/track selection etc.

Stowage : When not in use the PlayStation, wireless transceivers and controllers are stowed in a standard ruggedised PS2 case in the boot.

The whole system was installed by The Navigation Company in Hertford (aka LeadMedia) over a two day period. From initial consultation to final delivery they were extremely helpful and ensured all available options were presented and agreed. During the installation they kept me up to date with progress. In summary, they did exactly what they said they would do and provided an extremely friendly service.