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No hands free mobile phone kit installed so a Nokia CK-7W 'bluetooth' compatible system was fitted.

The main Nokia Unit is fitted behind the passenger side dash fascia unit, under/behind the glove compartment. A purpose built 'break-in' lead (Soundlinx RAN02NOK) is inserted between the ISO connectors connecting the ICE head unit to the vehicle wiring harness and located behind the passenger side centre console trim. This lead provides power for the Nokia unit and allows the ICE to be muted during calls and routes the telphone call audio via the vehicle's front speakers

The system microphone is located on the headlining to the right of the interior courtesy light, the cable concealed behind the headlining and the passenger side 'A' pillar interior trim.The operating button for the system is fitted to the left of the instrument binnacle within easy reach to accept calls and adjust the call volume, particularly when in 'bluetooth' mode when the phone can be anywhere in the car. The volume can also be adjusted via the OEM ICE volume controls on the multi-function steering wheel.