225 Coupé

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The First TT

Arrived September 2001 - Denim Blue 225bhp Audi TT Coupé. Options fitted were a 6 CD autochanger and cruise control. An original 2002 model year specification built in August 2001. Audi later changed the spec of 2002 model year cars to include larger 18" wheels, lowered suspension and other goodies'. This TT was replaced in October 2004 by a 3.2 V6 Coupe with DSG gearbox.

Not just Denim Blue outside but Denim Blue leather upholstery on the inside as well. An after market arm rest was fitted to finish of the cabin and a Motorola handfree mobile phone kit was installed.

OK, so not the real number plate - amazing what you can do with image editing software these days!

Backside looks a little big in photographs - much better in the metal.