Rear Grill

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At some point in time MG stopped fitting the rear bumper grill to the TF. To fit the grill involves removing the rear bumper assembly but it is a fairly straightforward procedure.

Tools required for the job are:-

  • A medium size cross head screwdriver.

  • 10mm socket or spanner.

  • No 50 Torx drive.

  • Protective matting (old dust sheet or similar) to place the bumper assembly on when removed from the vehicle.

  • Jack and axle stands (to remove rear wheels to gain access to bumper retaining screws on inside of rear wheel arches if they are difficult to remove).

Parts required for the job are:-

  • Rear Bumper Grill Kit DQY000120PMD (contains grill and screw fixings). Note - This part number is for a black grill which is becoming difficult to obtain. Try Brown & Gammons or MGOC Spares Centre.

Rear Bumper/Valence Removal

1. There are two cross head screws locating the outer edge of the bumper assembly inside each rear wheel arch. Locate these screws and remove them. If it is difficult to remove these screws with the rear wheels in place then jack up the car and remove the rear road wheels ensuring that the car is firmly located on suitable axle stands.

2. Locate and remove the two external No 50 torx bolts and large washers from the bumper assembly. There is one bolt/washer each side just inboard of the exhaust pipes and they are removed vertically downward.

3. Inside the boot/luggage compartment move the trim forward to expose three studs/bolts and the wiring/connectors to the number plate lights.

4. Disconnect the two connectors on the rear number plate wiring looms (one each side) and push the grommets, wiring and connectors through the holes to the outside of the vehicle.

5. Remove the three 10mm nuts from the studs.

6. With the aid of an assistant carefully pull the edges of the bumper assembly outwards from the wheel arches and then pull the whole assembly rearwards to disengage it from the car and lay the assembly down on the protective matting with the inside of the bumper assembly facing upwards.

Grill Installation

1. On the outer edge of the central void in the bumper assembly are ten plastic 'ears'. Fix a self tapping captive retaining clip (supplied in the grill kit) onto each of these 'ears'.

2. Place the grill onto the central void such that the correct side of the grill is facing down (so it will be facing outward when fitted to the vehicle), the ten locating holes in the grill line up with the captive retaining clips and the cut out in the grill for the rear securing hook is to the off-side (driver side) of the bumper assembly.

3. Firmly screw the grill to the inside of the bumper assembly using the ten self tapping screws supplied in the grill kit, ensuring the grill is located squarely and centrally onto the bumper assembly.

Rear Bumper/Valence Re-fitting

1. With the aid of an assistant offer the bumper assembly up close to the vehicle and locate the rear number plate wiring/connectors back through the appropriate holes into the boot/luggage compartment.

2. Offer the bumper assembly up to the vehicle bodywork ensuring that the outer edges of the assembly are pulled outwards to prevent damage to the rear wings and that the three studs locate through the appropriate holes. Locate the outer edges of the bumper assembly correctly in each wheel arch.

3. Locate the 10mm nuts onto the studs in the boot/luggage compartment but do not tighten.

4. From inside the boot/luggage compartment ensure that the two grommets on the rear number plate light wiring are pulled through and correctly located on their respective holes. Re-make the connectors on the wiring.

5. Locate the two No 50 Torx bolts vertically upwards through the bumper assembly, complete with large washers, and loosely tighten.

6. Ensure the bumper assembly is located and correctly aligned with the bodywork and then tighten the two No 50 Torx bolts and the three 10mm nuts.

7. Replace and tighten the two cross head screws inside each wheel arch to finally locate the bumper assembly ensuring that it is correctly aligned with the rear wings and wheel arches.

8. Replace the rear road wheels (if previously removed), remove the axle stands and lower the vehicle to the ground.

9. Test the rear number plate lights to ensure they are operational.