V6 Coupé

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Faults & Problems Encountered

The near side front headlamp pressure washer (alien) sprung a leak which continually siphoned all the washer fluid out of the storage bottle. The 'alien' was replaced.

Similar to the first TT, the clip securing the near side repeater indicator lamp broke and had to be replaced .............. twice!

The front number plate came loose and had to be re-secured in place.

The rear 'parcel shelf' took on an annoying squeak. It was prised apart and bonded back together using clear silicon sealant to 'shut it up'.

The rear hatch 'knocked' and 'clunked' over uneven surfaces. The adjusters on each side of its lower edge were 're-set' and the latch position adjusted to ensure the hatch was a snug fit when closed.

At the beginning of its second winter the near side xenon headlight began flickering shortly after being switched on and would then extinguish. Not a bulb problem as it would fire up again if switched off then on. If it was continually switched on after it extinguished then, after a while it would stay on. The headlight Xenon ballast unit was replaced.

Two weeks after the near side headlight unit was sorted out the offside unit began to flicker in exactly the same manner. However, it seemed to cure itself after being recalcitrant for a week or so.